Andreas Wörister

Photography isn't something you learn, it is something you develop passion for. I haven't learned it the classic way, you could say the professional way. Everything I know about photography I learned from Youtube, books, my dad and simply from doing it. My Dad who had that fire for photography too, introduced me to this world when i was a teenager. Then, due to his death 2014  I was away from photography quite a wile. But a very important person in my life brought me back into it and since then i use every minute to work my way up, to become better. I am grateful for the opportunities different persons gave me to prove myself and want to say thank you to all of them. 

I don't earn my daily bread with photography, it is not a full time job. It is my passion and what I love, not more, not less. For that reason I only accept jobs that fit to my personality and that i truly care about. I am convinced that the only way to do a good work, a good shooting is that you you truly identify with it. That you care about the results as much as the person you are working with. That's my approach to photography, only take pictures that you feel comfortable with.